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-20° C Freezers

Tescor manufactures customized low temperature freezers that are used for bulk storage of pharmaceutical products.      

Tescor has utilized its experience in refrigeration and air conditioning technologies to manufacture chambers which can maintain –70° C (-94° F) on a continuous basis.

The Tescor freezer is configured to have a  -20° C corridor with identical -70° C freezer compartments on both sides. The freezer can also be configured to include a +4° C Ante-room to help prevent moisture migration to freezer section.

Features of -70° C Freezers

  • -20°C Corridor
  • -70°C Side Freezer Compartments
  • Dry Air Purge to maintain -70°C dewpoint or less
  • Primary and Backup Control Systems
  • Room and Equipment Safeties
  • Man in the Box Alarm
  • LN2 Emergency Backup System
  • Double Wall Construction to eliminate condensation on exterior of Room
  • A number of interior and exterior finishes are available for the freezer room
  • 3" diameter Validation Port for instrumentation on side of corridor
  • Multi-circuited Fan Coil unit for Corridor Conditioning
  • Redundant Gravity DX coils in Freezers
  • Redundant Cascade Refrigeration Systems (Available in air-cooled or water-cooled)
  • Turn-key installation by Tescor personnel
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-20° C Freezers