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Standard Walk-In Rooms

Tescor offers a line of standard walk-in environmentally controlled rooms at an attractive price that includes many features found on our custom Environmental Rooms. In addition to temperature control these standard rooms can be equipped with humidity control within certain ranges of temperature. For quick delivery select from the following standard sizes:

6' x 8'
8' x 8'
8' x 10'
8' x 12'
8' x 15'
10' x 10'
10' x 12'
10' x 15'
12' x 12'
12' x 15'


For more information about Tescor’s standard line of walk-in environmental rooms, please contact our Sales Department.


The room will be constructed of various quantities of standard, pre-molded, modular panels, depending on the size of the room. The insulated panels can be supplied in a wide variety of interior and exterior metal finishes with foamed-in-place urethane insulation. Panels will be supplied in 4" (R-34) thickness. Panel edges will have tongue and groove interfaces to assure a tight joint. A flexible vinyl gasket will be fitted on the interior and exterior of each panel along each tongue edge to provide an airtight gasketing at each joint. All panels will lock together from the interior by self-contained cam-lock fasteners. The insulated panels will be UL fire test approved and will have a low flame spread rating of 25 or less.

Conditioning Systems 

All operating controls, instrumentation, functional switches and indicator lights will be located at a single control panel center mounted at operator eye level. All operating modes and functions will be clearly indicated by pilot lights and legibly identified by engraved nameplates. The recessed control panel section of the enclosure will be hinged for easy opening by authorized maintenance personnel. Once this panel is swung open and the top section of the control center is removed, all relays, contactors, and other enclosed control circuit devices will be readily exposed for simple maintenance purposes. The control console will be provided with a clear acrylic cover and a lock with 2 keys. Tescor typically provides all solid state, bridge type, proportional, electronic controllers for temperature and humidity control. Automatic reset and rate functions will be incorporated to compensate for error due to load variations. Operating set-points are adjustable and set by means of the pushbuttons on the face of the controller. Both set-point and process variable will be displayed on a large, bright, digital L.E.D. read-out.

Environmental Room Worksheet

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Standard Walk-In Rooms