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Psychrometric Test Rooms

Psychrometric Rooms are used by air conditioner manufacturers to determine the thermal performance of unitary air conditioners and split systems. Tescor utilizes dual rooms (indoor and outdoor) and the air enthalpy method to determine unit capacities and provide heat balances. Our systems are designed per ASHRAE Standard 37.

Code testers, that include AMCA nozzles, provide accurate determination of the test unit air flows and outlet air conditions. Tescor's control software allows the user to perform all of the ARI standard tests and allows the user to perform SEER and HSPF calculations off-line.

Tescor's Psychrometric Test Rooms are able to control such parameters as Indoor Room Dry Bulb Temperature, Indoor Room Dew Point, Outdoor Room Dry Bulb Temperature, Outdoor Room Dew Point Temperature, Indoor Room Unit Under Test (UUT) Airflow, Outdoor Room UUT Airflow and UUT Voltage.

Tescor offers a standard line of Psychrometric Test Rooms up to 50 Ton capacity with a 10:1 turndown range for each facility.

Capacity Ranges : 0.5 to 5 Tons to 10 Tons to 20 Tons to 50 Tons

Typical Specifications:




Indoor Room

Dry Bulb Temperature

40 to 100° F

± 0.2°F

Dew Point Temperature

35 to 82° F

± 0.2°F

Indoor Room Air Flow

200 to 2000 CFM

± 0.5 %

Test Unit Voltage

90 to 520 V

± 1%

Outdoor Room

Dry Bulb Temperature

-15 to 130° F

± 0.28 F

Dew Point Temperature

5 to 90° F

± 0.28 F

Outdoor Room Air Flow

500 to 5000 CFM

± 0.5 %



± 0.5°F


  • Create Tests And Sequences for Automatic Operation

  • User configurable data acquisition channels

  • User configurable calculation channels

  • Loop Calibration Utility

  • Dedicated hardware checkout routine

  • Color coded stability status indicators

  • Stability tolerance adjustment on the fly

  • Time-history graphing capability

  • Automatic Test Report Generation

  • Data File Management and Search Tools

  • Performance Measurement

  • 3% agreement or better, indoor code tester to outdoor code tester.

  • 1% repeatability of test results  

Available Options:

  • Low Dew Point Control to 0° F

  • Automated Nozzle Open/Close System

  • Cyclic Test

  • EER, SEER, COP Automated Tests

  • Defrost Test Automation

  • HSPF Calculations

  • Refrigerant mass-flow measurement and Refrigerant-side Capacity Calculation

  • Voltage control of individual circuits

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Psychrometric Test Rooms