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A/C System Calorimeter

Tescor’s A/C System Calorimeters are designed to provide the Test Engineer with extreme accuracy, repeatability and flexibility in the determination of automotive air conditioning system thermal capacities. We have designed system calorimeters for passenger car and bus air conditioning systems.

The system calorimeters utilize up to three (3) Walk-In Chambers for the control of ambient conditions for the condenser and evaporator(s)/heater core(s) and One (1) Reach-In Chamber for the control of ambient conditions around the compressor. These ambient conditions are precisely controlled and recorded.

Tescor uses Code Testers to determine system air-flows and the psychrometric conditions of the air as it exits the test piece. The code testers include AMCA nozzles with a bypass system to allow a wide range of system air-flows without sacrificing system accuracy.

The calorimeter offers control over such parameters as ambient temperature and humidity, test piece air flow, compressor speed, discharge pressure, condenser inlet temperature, expansion device inlet temperature, suction temperature, heater core inlet temperature, pressures and flows, etc.

The calorimeter is supplied with a fully automated computer data acquisition and control system and is designed for heat balances of ± 2% with a repeatability of ±1%

Tescor offers a standard line of Car A/C System Calorimeters up to 6 tons capacity. Tescor also offers a Standard line of Bus, Van and Car A/C System Calorimeters with a capacity up to 20 tons, including capability for testing completely assembled Roof-Top A/C Systems.

Performance Measurement 
  • 2% agreement or better refrigerant side to code tester air side
  • 1% repeatability of test results
  • Compressor Calorimeter Tests
  • Evaporator(s) Calorimeter Tests
  • Condenser Calorimeter Tests
  • Complete A/C System Calorimeter Tests
  • Heater Core Tests
  • D.C. Blowers Capacity Tests

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A/C System Calorimeter

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