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Balanced Ambient Calorimeter

Tescor’s Balanced Ambient Calorimeters are designed in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 16 and are used by air conditioner manufacturers to determine the capacity of window and split units for rating purposes. These systems can be supplied as calibrated room type or full balanced ambient with a conditioned annular space around the test room.

Room temperature and humidity conditions are precisely and accurately controlled. All power inputs to the inner rooms and the test unit are measured and balanced. The calorimeters are provided with a fully automatic, computerized data acquisition and control system.

The system shown was manufactured for a major U.S. manufacturer of window air conditioning systems and employs the room within a room approach. Dry Bulb and Wet Bulb Temperature control stabilities are maintained within 0.1° F to provide maximum accuracy.

Capacity Range: 6000 to 36,000 Btu/hr


  • Create Tests And Sequences for Automatic Operation
  • User configurable data acquisition channels
  • User configurable calculation channels
  • Loop Calibration Utility
  • Dedicated hardware checkout routine
  • Color coded stability status indicator
  • Stability tolerance adjustment on the fly
  • Time-history graphing capability
  • Automatic Test Report Generation
  • Data File Management and Search Tools

Performance Measurement:

  • 2% agreement or better with calibrated test unit.
  • 1% repeatability of test results

Available Options:

  • Automated Pressure Equalizer
  • Outdoor Room Controlled Annular Space
  • Heating Capacity Test Capability without reversing UUT mounting
  • Air-Flow Code Tester for Airflow Measurement
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Balanced Ambient Calorimeter