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Protect your investment in your Tescor custom-engineered and manufactured equipment with regular maintenance and care of critical systems and parts. Recommendations for when and how to conduct maintenance checks can be found in the Tescor Operations Manual that accompanied your purchase.

The regular replacement of oils, belts, filters and the like can keep your Tescor equipment performing like new for many, many years. Consult the Operations Manual for the parts numbers of easily-worn out spare parts such as those listed above, then call our Service Department at 215-957-9112 Ext. 110 for pricing and availability.


Let Tescor relieve your company of the worry of servicing and maintaining your equipment in top notch condition so your team can continue to concentrate on its core competencies. Tescor factory-trained service technicians will make periodic maintenance visits to inspect and replace easily-worn out parts and filters on your equipment and make recommendations for optimizing the utilization and performance of your machine.

Maintenance contracts can be customized to fit your needs, from as often as once a month to as little as twice a year, depending on the size and complexity of your equipment. Ask for a price quotation today.


Another option for technical support of Tescor equipment is the Tescor Connect program. By selecting Tescor world-class support, you are virtually adding a team of specialists to your design and maintenance staff who will reply within 1 business day of your call or email request.

Whether you need phone or internet help installing, configuring and maintaining equipment and software, obtaining current equipment updates, diagnosing and fixing operating problems, or performing basic maintenance tasks, we deliver the tools and answers you need to increase operational efficiency and minimize the cost of unplanned events.

Tescor Connect provides immediate access to a dedicated group of senior systems engineers to provide support for Tescor products installed in the field.

Our senior systems engineers are involved from the initial call to the final resolution of your issue.

Tescor Connect provides strictly phone and internet support. No site visits are included in this support package.

Tescor Connect support begins upon receipt of a valid Purchase Order and payment. Support ends 1 year from the start date and is renewable on an annual basis at the then-current rate.

Contact our Service Department at 215-957-9112 Ext. 110 to get connected today.